Solicitors Birmingham

My husband and I are planning to rent out a flat and I think we need the help of a solicitor in Birmingham.

I am guessing we need to draw up a tenancy agreement if we are renting out a property, and I definitely need professional help with this.

I think we need to have what is called a shorthold tenancy agreement drawn up, but I don’t know much more about it.

We need to spell out what rent is required and what restrictions we want to put in place. For example, we are not going to allow pets in the flat. We also need to have an agreement for a deposit.

Renting out our flat should be reasonably straightforward, with the help of a solicitor in Birmingham. Once we have the paperwork drawn up correctly, we shouldn’t need legal advice any more, unless there are any disputes in the future.

I need to look through listings of solicitors in Birmingham. I’m not sure if any solicitor will do, or whether I need to find one that specialises in rental agreements. The only time I have ever needed a solicitor before is for buying property.

We are hoping to rent the flat out for quite a long time, until our children are older and may want to use it.

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