Solicitors Lincolnshire

My neighbour slipped down and broke her leg badly, leaving her off work for months.

I think she may have a case for compensation, but she needs to consult a solicitor in Lincolnshire to find out.

A lot of people, including my neighbour, worry about using a solicitor. They are put off or intimidated because they think the process is going to be too formal or complicated.

I need to persuade my neighbour that if she finds a solicitor in Lincolnshire, they will make any compensation claim as straightforward as possible. Solicitors are used to dealing with this kind of thing every day. She might even be able to find a solicitor that specialises in this area.

She has lost a lot of money after breaking her leg, because she has been unable to work for a long time. She slipped in the street, through no fault of her own. I feel she should be able to claim compensation, but I might be wrong. She needs to find a solicitor in Lincolnshire to tell her if she has any grounds for a claim.

If she has, the solicitor will be able to take her through the process, and maybe she will be able to recoup some of her lost earnings.

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