Archived Posts for: January 2011

Solicitors Liverpool

My brother thinks he has suffered an injustice at work, and needs to find a solicitor.

He has tried going through the usual channels within the company, but is not happy with the outcome.

There must be solicitors in Liverpool that deal with employment law. He just needs to consult one to find out where he stands.

My brother is reluctant to consult a solicitor in Liverpool. I think it scares him because it sounds so formal and serious. I think his perception of a solicitor is that it automatically means taking something to court, but it probably won’t come to that at all. He just really needs to start off by having a chat and finding out what his rights are.

He doesn’t know how to find a solicitor in Liverpool; it is not something he ever hears recommendations for. He will have to start ringing a few and telling them of his situation. I am sure there are plenty to choose from, it is just a case of finding the right one for him.

Even if my brother decides not to take the matter further, at least if he has spoken to a solicitor, he will feel like he has all the information.

Solicitors Leicester

My brother is planning to move in with his girlfriend, and I think they need legal advice.

It doesn’t sound very romantic, I know, but it does make sense for them to speak to a solicitor in Leicester about their arrangements.

They are not planning to get married, but are hoping to start a family. They obviously have no intention of splitting up, but they should still both protect their rights in terms of any property and, in the future, any children.

They would also be protecting themselves in the event of one of them dying. Again, it is not something either of them wants to think about, but it is better to plan for these things.

It is difficult to think about things going wrong when you are in a fairly new relationship, but I know my brother and his girlfriend need to find themselves a solicitor in Leicester and put everything in writing.

They need to find someone they are both comfortable talking to about personal stuff. Perhaps they can find a solicitor in Leicester who specialises in this sort of thing.

It must be quite common these days for couples to have legal agreements in place, as it is more common for people to live together without getting married.

Solicitors Maidstone

My sister is going to rent a property for a while, and she is looking for a solicitor in Maidstone to help with the paperwork.

She has a landlord’s agreement from the property she is interested in, but she needs a trained legal eye to go over it with her.

She will probably only need to meet with her solicitor in Maidstone on one occasion, just to make sure everything in her rental contract is OK.

One of the things my sister is concerned about is making sure her new landlord cannot increase the rent whenever he wants after she has moved in. She also wants to make sure her rights are protected when it comes to her deposit.

Another thing to think about on the rental contract is who is liable for any repairs on the property.

Most rental agreements are straightforward I expect, but my sister has had a problem in the past. She wants to get her new contract checked over by a solicitor in Maidstone before she signs it.

I imagine she will be able to find a solicitor that specialises in this area, and it shouldn’t cost her too much. It is definitely worth getting these things right from the start, rather than having nasty disputes later on.

Solicitor York

Moving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful things you can do in life, but I am determined this is not going to be the case for my family and I.

I’m convinced that if I find the right solicitor in York, it will all run smoothly.

I have heard that some solicitors now have a computer system allowing you to keep tabs on your house-buying process through the internet or through text messages. If I can find a solicitor in York that offers this service, it will be perfect for me. I think a lot of the stress in moving is caused by not knowing what is going on.

I don’t really want to choose a solicitor in York that is too far away from my current home or workplace. My husband and I may have to pop in to sign documents at some point in the process, and I want to make that easy for us.

I know solicitor fees can vary, but I am more concerned about getting the best service than getting the best price.

I am determined to walk through the door of our new home without having weeks of stress behind me…