Solicitors Maidstone

My sister is going to rent a property for a while, and she is looking for a solicitor in Maidstone to help with the paperwork.

She has a landlord’s agreement from the property she is interested in, but she needs a trained legal eye to go over it with her.

She will probably only need to meet with her solicitor in Maidstone on one occasion, just to make sure everything in her rental contract is OK.

One of the things my sister is concerned about is making sure her new landlord cannot increase the rent whenever he wants after she has moved in. She also wants to make sure her rights are protected when it comes to her deposit.

Another thing to think about on the rental contract is who is liable for any repairs on the property.

Most rental agreements are straightforward I expect, but my sister has had a problem in the past. She wants to get her new contract checked over by a solicitor in Maidstone before she signs it.

I imagine she will be able to find a solicitor that specialises in this area, and it shouldn’t cost her too much. It is definitely worth getting these things right from the start, rather than having nasty disputes later on.

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