Solicitors Leicester

My brother is planning to move in with his girlfriend, and I think they need legal advice.

It doesn’t sound very romantic, I know, but it does make sense for them to speak to a solicitor in Leicester about their arrangements.

They are not planning to get married, but are hoping to start a family. They obviously have no intention of splitting up, but they should still both protect their rights in terms of any property and, in the future, any children.

They would also be protecting themselves in the event of one of them dying. Again, it is not something either of them wants to think about, but it is better to plan for these things.

It is difficult to think about things going wrong when you are in a fairly new relationship, but I know my brother and his girlfriend need to find themselves a solicitor in Leicester and put everything in writing.

They need to find someone they are both comfortable talking to about personal stuff. Perhaps they can find a solicitor in Leicester who specialises in this sort of thing.

It must be quite common these days for couples to have legal agreements in place, as it is more common for people to live together without getting married.

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