Solicitors Chester

With six children, fourteen grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, my Gran certainly had a very busy life.

She sadly died recently, at the grand old age of 90, and due to her many children and grandchildren, she didn’t leave a lot of assets.

We still need to find a solicitor in Chester to help us sort out her ‘estate’, especially as there are so many people involved.

My Gran did write a will a very long time ago, but that was before some of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren were born.

We all get along very well, and there is no reason for us to argue, but it is still best to get a solicitor in Chester to help sort it all out.

The main thing is that her house will need to be sold. Profits from the house will go to her six children, so that should be reasonably straightforward. It is then just a case of dividing up personal belongings, such as photographs and family heirlooms. I don’t think she would have spoken about things like this in her will.

None of us have any idea how this sort of thing works, so we will be relying on finding a solicitor in Chester to sort it all out for us.

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