Solicitors Cardiff

A friend of mine has been running his own business for a couple of years, but now it is expanding, I think he needs some legal help.

He has managed to build up a successful window-cleaning business, and I think he needs to speak to a solicitor in Cardiff because he is thinking about taking on a member of staff.

Up until now it has been a one-man operation, so paperwork has been fairly straightforward. If he takes on a member of staff, things will get more complicated.

My friend doesn’t know much about legal stuff, and is not particularly good at paperwork, so he needs a solicitor in Cardiff to draw up an employment contract if he is going to take anyone on.

He may have to ask his solicitor about insurance as well, if he is going to be responsible for a member of staff.

I never would have thought a window-cleaning venture could turn into such a successful business. It is such a simple idea. My friend has done really well.

I definitely think it is worth him paying a solicitor in Cardiff to make sure all the necessary legal documents are in place. It could save him a lot of stress and hassle in the long run. Hopefully he can find a solicitor that specialises in helping small businesses.

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