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My best friend is disappearing off around the world for a year, and I am so jealous.

She needs to find a solicitor in Leeds so she can hopefully rent out her house while she is gone.

I’m not sure how complicated it is to rent out your house while you are out of the country. Will my friend need to pay tax on the income from the house? What will she do if there are any problems?

A solicitor in Leeds should be able to answer all these questions and help my friend with all the paperwork.

Renting out a house involves organising legal documents, even when you are still living in the country. The lease agreement will need to be drawn up, with rent details and any restrictions on how many people can live there etc

My friend will also need to spell out how much notice she wants to give to end the agreement, for when she comes home. Hopefully a solicitor in Leeds will be able to sort all this out for her and hold all the paperwork while she is away.

Once her house is all organised, she just needs to pack her bags. I bet she can’t wait.