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We’ve been putting it off for ages, but I know the time has come for my husband and I to make a will.

We need to find a solicitor in Newcastle who can help us with this process, and get it done once and for all.

Making a will is a horrible thing to have to think about, but I am sure if I find the right solicitor in Newcastle, they will make it as easy as possible. I may even be able to find a solicitor that specialises in this area.

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of themselves or their partner dying, me included, but I know making a will is the sensible and responsible thing to do.

We need to set out what will happen to any of our assets if one of us dies, but more importantly, we need to set out what will happen in the event of both of us dying.

The most important thing for us is setting out who would become the legal guardian of our children, and making sure any assets would be divided between them.

The more I think about it, the more I realise we should have done this years ago. Quick, find me a solicitor in Newcastle right now…