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Why do people always want to be near the sea when they retire?

My parents are planning a move to Southampton, and I’m sure they aren’t the first people to make this kind of move at this stage in their lives.

They have already seen a couple of properties they like and now they are starting to look for solicitors in Southampton, to take it to the next stage.

They are new to the area, so they don’t know any solicitors in Southampton. They will possibly need to meet with a few before they choose one.

It is better to choose a solicitor you feel comfortable with. Moving house can be a stressful time as it is.

My parents need to find a solicitor in Southampton that can take care of any house purchase for them while they are not in the area.

They will possibly be able to keep track of any process over the phone or through the computer, as they will not be in a position to meet with their solicitor very often.

I am looking forward to my parents moving to Southampton. It will certainly be nice place to go on holiday. Maybe I’ll end up retiring there one day as well…